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Chartered in January 1909, The State National Bank opened for business on March 1st of that year at 204 Main Street. The original bank was organized as The First State Bank of Big Spring and in 1924, converted to a national bank charter, with the bank being renamed The State National Bank of Big Spring.

In March of 1909, the bank officers were C.D. Read, President, A. Biney Jones, Vice President, and T.S. Currie, Cashier, who also managed the bank. Directors were E.D. Bell, T.S. Currie, William B. Currie, William Fisher, A. Biney Jones, C.D. Read and A.C. Walker.

William B. Currie later became President before relinquishing the reins to T.S. Currie. Robert W. Currie, the son of T.S. Currie, succeeded his father as President from 1951 until 1974. His son, John Currie, served as president from 1974 until 1988. Jim R. Purcell took over as President and CEO at that time and served in that capacity until 2012, when he was named Chairman of the Board and CEO and Richard C. Steel was named President. Previously, Mr. Steel had served as Executive Vice President and has been with State National since 1989.

The bank was located at 204 Main Street from 1909 until 1934, when it moved to 124 Main Street and operated there until May of 1979. The bank then moved to its present location at 901 Main Street where it continues to be well-capitalized and remains a strong presence in the community

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