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lasscock County Co-op was founded in 1969 in St. Lawrence, TX by local farmers. In May of 1969 the first Board of Directors was established. The Board consisted of: 

- Cecil Halfmann               - Ed Plagens      

- Clifford Hoelscher          - Wilburn Bednar 

- Lester Jansa                   - A.C. Hoelscher 

- Lawrence Jost                - Eugene Hirt      

- Fred Hoelscher               - T.O. Midkiff       

- A.W, Schraeder                                        

​The first bale count was 5,624 for the 1970 crop year and in 1973 there were 51 stockholders. Today we currenlty have 141 stockholders and have baled an average of 90,000 bales for the past ten years. Along with the ginning we have a very successful grain operation and our own trucking company. 2015 marks the 45th anniversary of the co-op and the opening of our brand new 400,000 square foot bale warehouses.